Why choose a virtual booker?

Why choose a virtual booker?

Why hire an online bookkeeper? Many would ask.Bookkeeping refers to skill levels required to provide management within an organization and accurate information regarding the transactions of their company most especially purchases and sales. There is a wide range of bookkeeping tasks such as creating financial transactions and financial reports.

Currently many small and medium sized enterprises with a large turnover are opting to hire a specialist provider for services such as bookkeeping when the job is too much for employees from the business to handle but not enough to warrant employment of a fulltime accountant which proves to be an extra expense considering all the hidden costs of employment.

Virtual Bookkeepers-low cost for small business

Online bookkeeping is whereby data files are stored securely and fully encrypted in the cloud by qualified bookkeepers who perform these tasks. These trained personnel are more efficient and do a faster job than a single bookkeeper from the business. After reading this also read more from here. The level of service provided by an online bookkeeper depends on the level of skill the bookkeeper one hires to perform the task has. An efficient system should be customized to suit an individual client’s needs.

Why choose a virtual booker?

A good bookkeeping company should not only understand the business well but also understand the top management of the company as they rely heavily on an efficient accounting system.

Onsite vs. offsite bookkeeping

Onsite bookkeeping is whereby the bookkeeper travels to your office and do bookkeeping from your office while offsite bookkeeping, bookkeepers do all the work from their premises. You can also checkout our article http://www.rickenbackergroup.com/freelance-bookkeeping-rates/ here.Each method of bookkeeping has its own advantages and disadvantages and an organization should look at the advantages of each method and make the decision on their most preferable method. Offsite bookkeeping has advantages such as:

  • Usually cost less than onsite bookkeeping
  • Saves time as most time is spent within the office.
  • No travelling cost incurred.
  • The company does not have to provide office space for a bookkeeper

Onsite bookkeeping also has advantages such as:

  • The company is able to get more involved as it is done within the premises.
  • More secure as all files are kept within the company’s premises.
  • The bookkeepers will be more accountable as they are working within the premises.


Bookkeepers Melbourne are experienced trained bookkeepers and accurate offering onsite services at competitive rates, offsite services that are done from their office at a fixed price, payroll services and accounting services. The bookkeepers give clients peace of mind as their work practices are completely transparent. They are flexible to suit the volume of your work. They are highly experienced in MYOB, XERO and other software.

Bookkeeping software

A choice of bookkeeping software is important for an efficient system. QuickBooks hosted, XERO and Saasu are cloud based products meaning that you can only work on the file when online and has no provisions for working offline such as when in a plane. MYOB account right live enables one to work locally and when offline. When one works on a file locally, the cloud version of the file will be automatically updated when one is online. At www.bookkeeperco.com.au one can get onsite bookkeeping services in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane backed by MYOB, Quickbooks and Xero certified CPA.

It is of paramount importance to choose an efficient, reliable bookkeeper who will not only save you money and time in your business but also give you trusted financial and data processing solutions. Hiring an online bookkeeper is definitely the way to go due to the high quality of service offered at a low cost.


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